We began producing new editions of the works of internationally acclaimed cellist/composer Rudolf Matz in 1982 and progressed to the publication of works for cello and other strings and chamber music written by both contemporary and Classical composers.


Recognizing the important aspect of music history, the study of influence, especially the influence of musicians of each generation upon those of succeeding generations. In addition to publishing the works of Rudolf Matz, Dominis Publishing is proud to publish the works of other influential musicians, poets, artists and authors, such as; Margery Enix, Ivan Lackovic-Croata, Dragutin Tadijanović, Antun Gustav Matos, Ivan Mažuranić, Jugoslav Gospodnetić, Antonin Kraft, Jacques Faubert, and Gertrude Perreault.
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Freedom and Flexibility of the Violinist’s Left Hand, by Borivoj (Boro) Martinić-Jerčić has been praised as an, “…indispensable, innovative and invaluable tool, which will help students and professionals alike understand the intricacies of left-hand motion”. This publication includes a demonstration DVD.


I read and viewed with great interest the new book and DVD Freedom and Flexibility of the Violinist’s Left Hand by Prof. Borivoj Martinic-Jercic. The book explores the optimal uses of the left thumb in violin playing. The author/violinist shows in the DVD and the book of exercises how to use the thumb in ways to aid flexibility and relaxation.

I remember the words of Josef Gingold. He said that the left thumb is like a conductor. It doesn’t play any notes, but rather enables the ensemble (or left hand) to make music.

Surely, this is an area that is not well explored in the books or articles on violin technique. Prof. Martinic-Jercic clearly and thoroughly explores this little understood subject in depth and with great clarity. I recommend it heartily to all my colleagues. May they play with less strain and greater joy!”

– David Updegraff, Professor of Violin, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland


Dear Boro, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your book, ‘Freedom and flexibility of the left hand’. I’ve been using it with my students and have noticed immediate improvement. Their continued use of the exercises throughout this year, has given them much more freedom than any of us could have hoped to accomplish. Two students in particular came into my studio as college freshmen. For a year I tried many methods and exercises to help them reshape and soften their hands. After one year using your exercises, they are both much more facile and have stopped gripping resulting in playing with much more ease.”

-Felicia Moye, Professor of Violin, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

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